CRAB Designed the Abedian School of Architecture in Queensland

 - Jan 14, 2014
References: crab-studio & archinect
Renowned London design studio CRAB studio has successfully created the Abedian School of Architecture for Bond University in Queensland, Australia.

The inspiration behind the construction is its environment based sustainability theme that is a shield for the region's hot weather conditions. The building was constructed for the occupants to relax, interact, socialize and immerse themselves into nature.

The building consists of three floors and reflects the topography of the land it rests on. The studios and communal zones in the building are spread out onto an open deck that leads into a garden. The inside of the structure is a broad path that divides into a quiet study room and a communal place for meetings to be held.

The building itself has an extremely clear layout and system that adds a dynamic of function and vitality into the structure.