Alexis Vasilikos's Abandoned Home Photography Documents Crisis

The abandoned home photography of Alexis Vasilikos immortalizes a precarious time for Greece. In the wake of the economic crisis, these well-to-do suburban homes have been discarded by their owners. Though the houses are practically brand new -- in fact, it is only the drawn shades that alert us to their possible abandonment -- there is something melancholy and despairing about them.

Vasilikos's images, titled 'The Greek Dream Real Estate,' provide a poignant commentary on the nations bankruptcy and the resulting toll it has had on their citizens.

He explains, "...The Northern suburbs is one of the most expensive areas of Athens, and to have a house in this area is a symbol of social status and has been middle class dream for decades. Now that the middle class in Greece is shrinking rapidly, it seems a good time to have a closer look at this dream, to see what it’s really made of."