Aaron Hobson Finds Beauty in Google Street View

To many, Google Maps Street View photos provide accurate and helpful previews of the journey ahead, and nothing more -- but to New York-based artist Aaron Hobson, the automated roadside captures are a secret haven of beautiful art and scenery.

The 'Google Street View Edition' of Hobson's ongoing 'Cinemascapes' series uses photos of rural and countryside areas from around the globe, all found through Google Maps. While the photo credits do belong to the Google van, which automatically snaps the shots for the world to see, the massive job of curating this project is all Aaron Hobson's, and for that I take my hat off to him. It's almost impossible to believe that many of the photos are taken from Google Street View, and not a series of photographs by one of the world's best.

For proof that sometimes, the most beautiful things lie in the most unexpected places, don't miss Aaron Hobson's Google Street View collection.