Godfrey Gao Explores His Homeland in the Stunning Infiniti Q30

 - May 19, 2016
References: infiniti.hk & hypebeast
Godfrey Gao is recognized as an icon of style in his birthplace of Taiwan, as well as Canada, where he was raised. He makes a living as an actor and model, and most recently launched a new venture with his friends, the 'Flagship Lifestyle' fashion label.

Getting there wasn't easy, yet Gao overcame the odds to build a successful career for himself in the face of challenging cultural differences. Breaking into the industry was particularly difficult because of language barriers and initially, not being quite what agents had in mind when casting television dramas, commercials and modeling opportunities. While he was never one to take these criticisms to heart, Gao has amassed a sizable following across social media that reassures people are most interested in him being true to himself. Gao's determined drive parallels the stunning Infiniti Q30 as a sporty premium compact that is also #BornToChallenge convention.

'A Day in Taiwan with Godfrey Gao' follows Gao on an outdoor adventure through the city and the country's lush greenery in Infiniti's new Q30 model. He says: "I just love the experience of being free from everything. When you take on that highway, you go up the mountains, you get to feel the car, the smell, the wind—you get to feel everything." As well as appealing to those who want to explore the world, the sculptural Infiniti Q30 is ideal for individuals with a sharp eye for style and a desire to stand out.