A Comma, A by Jim Sanborn Revolves Around Relationships

 - Oct 4, 2012
References: jimsanborn.net & mymodernmet
The A Comma, A art installation melds the beauty of light with the beauty of words. It is a public art creation that revolves around glowing projections of beautiful poems, novels and prose. Illuminating the surrounding walls and ground of the M.D. Anderson Library at the University of Houston, the A Comma, A art installation represents a variety of cultures, not just one. It does so by projecting works in various languages.

Created by American artist Jim Sanborn, the A Comma, A art installation must be deciphered and translated to be understood. Sanborn writes, "The issues that are discussed within the text have to do with relationships. [I] hope students will interact with each other when translating some of the languages they are unfamiliar with."