This Chart Uses the Alphabet to Count Down 90s Pop Culture

 - Oct 29, 2015
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They say that popular items always come back in style and this 90s pop culture infographic proves that this is in fact quite true with an alphabetic count down of some of the most famous shows, toys and inventions from a couple decades ago. 'The Alphabet of Nostalgia: 90s Edition' is a great read for young and older generations to see what trends have come back into style.

'The Alphabet of Nostalgia: 90s Edition' infographic is cleverly organized by the alphabet tying a different item from the 90s to each letter. The letters feature a corresponding image of the nostalgic item showcased in a retro hanging picture frame. The chart covers items such as B for Beanie Babies, F for Furby dolls, I for the Internet and N for The Nightmare Before Christmas.