The 8bit Christmas Shirt is Inspired by Horrendous Holiday Attire

 - Nov 24, 2011
References: threadless & technabob
The 8bit Christmas may be the best Christmas sweater ever made. Keen eyes will be able to spot that this is not actually a sweater, but a Threadless t-shirt design from Tim Shumate; regardless, my statement still stands. The competition isn't that stiff anyways.

The 8bit Christmas is inspired by 'Super Mario Bros.' and features festive Christmas colors and scenes from the game. The shirt has a lot going on, with piranha plants and 1Up mushrooms sharing space with invincibility stars. The shirt is still trying to garner enough votes to be made, but it should be a shoe-in as everyone loves bad Christmas sweaters and Mario. Here's hoping for an actual 8bit Christmas sweater sometime soon. Make it happen.