8 Hours in Brooklyn Depicts the Borough Breathtakingly

 - Aug 14, 2011
References: vimeo & english.mashkulture.net
One of the best use of slow-motion I've seen in a clip comes from Next Level Pictures, which has released a clip dubbed '8 Hours in Brooklyn.'

Director Jonathan Bregel decided that he had had enough of seeing slow-motion clips featuring exploding balloons and face slaps. He decided to capture real, candid moments of people going about their daily routines and thus '8 Hours in Brooklyn' was born. The whole idea behind this project was to capture the culture of the borough and the emotions that are displayed on people's faces when they're playing basketball or skateboarding. This breathtaking short shows off Brooklyn's finest in a highly stylized manner.

'8 Hours in Brooklyn' will be a part of a series of spots that will be released some time in the future.