7GODS Light Installments Embrace Delicate Decor

 - Jun 18, 2009   Updated: Jun 22 2011
References: 7gods & loudreams
These light installments from 7GODS are truly divine. From flower-like shapes to lamps that look like seashells, this collection of lights seems delicate and classy.

Although most seem to be made out of paper, there is one that is made out of a stringy hair material. I wonder how safe it is to keep the light on, as the hairy material would surely heat up against the hot bulb.

Implications - Functionality is an important aspect of any product; however, consumers who are going out of their way to purchase products such as lights, which they are already likely to have, expect dynamic must-have design features. Businesses that are creating products that consumers may already own should place strong focus on design appeal.