6,000 Year Old Baobab Turned into a Pub

 - Dec 21, 2007   Updated: Jun 1 2011
References: dailymail
The trunks of Baobab trees naturally become hollow after about 1000 years. What do you do with an old, hollow tree? The owners of this one in Limpopo, South Africa made a pub out of theirs. The tree is a monster in size - 155 feet circumference! Despite its size in the natural world, it can only seat 15 people comfortably.

Implications - In a society that is increasingly engaged in constant connection with technology, there has been a backlash among people who would like to be teleported back to a simpler time. By exploiting the desire to be reconnected to nature, companies can include advertising or specific marketing that serves as a way for consumers to connect with some of the earth's natural wonders.