50 Is The New 30

 - Jan 7, 2006
References: articles.news.aol
The number of 40+ year old women on magazine covers increased from 1/3 in 2004 to 2/3 in 2005. 
Demi Moore, 43, is featured in Versace ads and Sharon Stone fronts the Dior campaign. The reason? Older consumers want more and companies are trying to meet their demands.

Madonna, Oprah Winfrey, Nicolette Sheridan and Christie Brinkley are no spring chickens—but they are some of entertainment’s most sought after stars, perhaps suggesting that 50 is starting to become the new 30.

Brinkley and Winfrey are both 51. Sheridan is 42. Madonna, along with Sharon Stone, is 47. They look years, even decades, younger—and corporate America is taking note. For example, veteran supermodel Brinkley is back as one of Cover Girl’s lead faces. - AOL NEWS