The 4-Minute-Mile Jetpack Significantly Improves Wearers' Sprint Times

The 4-minute-mile jetpack project is an Arizona State University undertaking, funded by the Pentagon's research arm, that aims to come up with robotic devices to help give military personnel superhuman abilities.

The 4-minute-mile jetpack isn't a classic 'jetpack' as such in that it doesn't enable flight, but it does help wearers travel faster. In recent trials with the jetpack, one test subject was able to shave three seconds off his 200-meter sprint time while also carrying 11 extra pounds on his back. The same subject was also able to shave an incredible 18 seconds of his one mile run speed.

The jetpack could be used to help soldiers and Navy SEALs get in and out of areas quickly, increasing the likelihood of their succeeding in their missions.