47 Million-Year-Old Ida Links Humans to Lemurs

 - May 20, 2009
References: dailymail & impactlab
Researchers finally have their hands on Ida, a 47 million-year-old fossil of a lemur-like animal.

The fossil, found in 1983 in a lake in Germany, was bought in an underground million-dollar deal from a discoverer who did not know the significance of the rock.

The fossil of Ida shows distinct human characteristics (opposable thumbs, grasping hands) and could possibly be the major link to humans and the evolutionary theory.

Ida is more than 20 times older than any other fossil that has been used as evidence for human evolution. She is also a 95% complete fossil (it’s amazing—individual hair imprints can be seen).

This fossil, also called Darwinius masillae, could potentially be the missing link to our complete history on this planet.