This Lawn Mower Was Built Using a Custom-Made 3D Printer

 - Jan 8, 2015
References: facebook & gizmag
A South African man by the name of Hans Douche has designed and produced his very own 3D-printed lawn mower using a custom-built 3D printed, dubbed Cheetah, that he eventually hopes to bring to market.

The parts required to assemble the lawn mower were printed out in 0 hours. The wheels, frame, wheel covers, top and motor were printed by the 3D printer itself. The blades, handle, switch and wheel shafts were transplanted over from an old lawn mower.

This gritty-looking white lawn mower may not be the prettiest contraption you'll ever see on anyone's garden, but its grass-cutting abilities have been demonstrated. Most importantly, simply being able to build a 3D-printed lawn mower in your backyard is a pretty mean feat.