Lionel T. Dean's 18 Carat Gold Designs Could Change the Jewelry Industry

 - Sep 9, 2015
References: freedomofcreation & dezeen
Lionel T. Dean is transforming the jewelry industry with his latest 3D-printed gold collection. The project titled 'Precious' includes pieces that range in aesthetics from modern to antique. For example, the 'Orbis' ring looks as it sounds, like a futuristic orb with mathematically symmetrical latticework. Meanwhile, the 'Collect' bangle appears to be an heirloom, with a delicate chalice and a golden tea kettle as charms.

The Precious collection emphasizes modern jewelry-making that uses a digital manufacturing process allows designers to achieve results that couldn't be attained by hand. For instance, 3D-printed gold jewelry can result in more affordable pieces because they can be made with very thin hollow spaces.

While the industry has used 3D-printing relatively consistently for molds, there is a hesitation to print directly with metal as a part of the artistic process may be lost. Lionel T. Dean is demonstrating that with the loss of some aspects of the design process, others are gained.