This New Workout Regime Rewards Users with 3D-Printed Chocolate

 - Jul 1, 2015
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'EdiPulse' is a gamified fitness system that motivates individuals by rewarding them with 3D-printed chocolate. The idea behind the program is that humans are more willing to engage in an activity if they are motivated by the possibility of a tangible reward.

The EdiPulse system operates through the use of a smart wristband, which tracks and monitors your heart rate as your work out. This data is then sent to a 3D chocolate printer, which will generate the tasty post-wrokout treats. Operating as a gamified fitness system, each participant's chocolate reward is dependent on how long they keep their heart rate up.

While the concept of using 3D-printed chocolate as a fitness reward may seem counter-intuitive, the EdiPulse system is designed to discourage overeating. The company notes that the average heart rate that they have calibrated for the system demonstrates that participants do not feel the urge to overeat or even consume the chocolates at all.