The 2ICE by Ramon Ramirez Can Transform on Cue

 - Feb 16, 2011
References: michelinchallengedesign & designbuzz
The 2ICE concept by Ramon Ramirez is nothing is a motorcycle reminiscent of the batpod in the hit movie The Dark Knight that can can be transformed into a two person scooter.

Far from the design of a Vespa, this particular concept embodies beauty, eco-friendliness and new technologies as this particular electric vehicle doesn't need to be plugged in. It charges as it goes and stores that energy into a battery. It also uses electromagnetic braking capabilities. While aimed at being green and also introducing new technologies, the clear format is simple. Create a nice green vehicle that doesn't take away from the scenic things about motoring. The designer of the 2ICE concept wants the motoring experience to be about wind and being free.