Use the Power of Crowdsourced Research to Spur Innovation

 - Oct 16, 2012
References: trendhunter
Trend Hunter's 2013 trend insights cover categories from pop culture to technology, and help companies to innovate both product development and general campaigns.

Started in 2006, Trend Hunter has since grown to feature over 160,000 ideas that users of our Trend Reports platform can customize to suit specific needs. For example, to find the best chocolate trends released in the past month, Nestle can enter a few key words into our systems and track its competitors. This helps companies save both time and money, as the process is efficient and affordable.

Many companies rely on gut instinct when searching for the next big idea, but our 2013 trend insights give users a vast database that helps provide focus. Finding better ideas in a faster manner can put companies ahead of the competition and dominate the marketplace.