Jaime Neely Unveils 2013 Super Bowl Commercials Destined for Remembrance

 - Feb 7, 2013
References: youtu.be
This year’s 2013 Super Bowl commercials have produced some hilarious and iconic moments.

Samsung’s spot is laugh-out-loud funny starring dynamic duo Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen. In the ad they are attempting to navigate through the strict NFL copyright laws to come up for a slogan for the new Samsung Galaxy. Comedian Bob Odenkirk advises them and they eventually come up with the ridiculous slogan: "A commercial for the big plate featuring the 50-Minus-Oners and the Baltimore Black Birds."

E-Trade has reintroduced their iconic talking infant with its ‘Save It’ commercial. The tot gives advice on what you could do with the money you saved by using E-Trade’s financial services. Joining the list of outlandish suggestions are becoming an astronaut with your dog and relaxing in a hot tub with your panda.

The 2013 Super Bowl commercials are just as competitive as the game itself, since they are competing for your much-desired attention. Jaime Neely weighs in on the most effective commercials including Will Ferrell making out with a stranger on a bus in her latest Trend Hunter interview.