Simal Yilmaz Shares Tips on How to Grow the Best Moustache

 - Jan 31, 2013
When it’s Movember season, almost every male participant wants to know how to grow the best moustache. Well it just so happens that Nick Offerman knows a few helpful tips, which may or may not include eating a raw onion and soaking your ‘stache in a mixture of cologne and whale oil.

Join Simal Yilmaz, a fellow Trend Hunter, as she explores the secrets behind a sexier "lip caterpillar." She’ll also share a bit about her childhood dream of becoming a mermaid, and the highlight of her life when she won a regional chess championship. She also enjoys long walks on the beach and companies that adapt well to change.

Check out Simal’s interview on moustache tutorials for more useful advice on growing out the best moustache of the season.