1000 Families by Uwe Ommer is Captured Around the World

 - May 24, 2014
References: 1000families.eu & itsnicethat
Everywhere a person travels, be it to the edge of their backyard or the edge of the world, he or she is bound to encounter a family (unless, of course, said person is a recluse); yet 1000 Families by Uwe Ommer, a German photographer, shows people just how diverse the concept of the family can be. As the title of the expansive photo series shows, he has managed to capture 1000 families from around the world including Europe, Africa and Asia.

An impressive feat, 1000 Families by Uwe Ommer is a heart-warming look at intimate clans and diverse cultures. What makes this photo series particularly poignant is the fact that as the world continues to get smaller, these culturally separate families will begin to blend, creating one big family, so to speak.