- Aug 29, 2011
Wolverine is Marvel Comics’ definition of badass, and his popularity has lead to a slew of Wolverine sightings in the media. Of course you have your standard movie promotions featuring the equally awesome Hugh Jackman running around with vicious claws on his knuckles, but fans of the mutant will also be surprised to see that there are Wolverine Facebook avatars, overweight Wolverine illustrations, and even Wolverine-inspired cupcakes.

My favorite of the Wolverine sightings, however, has got to be the illustrations of Caldwell Tanner, who re-imagines the rogue X-Men character as a modern day hipster. He’s even rocking a yellow plaid shirt and tapered jeans!

Implications - Consumers enjoy creating materials that mock pop culture staples because they're familiar and it provides them with humorous content, which they use to alleviate everyday stress. Corporations may consider using humorous pop culture media campaigns in order to garner consumer attention.

From Overweight Superhero Parodies to Minimalist Facebook Avatars: