- Jan 29, 2010   Updated: Jul 25 2011
Grab your broomstick and magic wand because these 22 Wizards and Witches will put a spell on you. And now you're mine.

So now that you're mine, you won't mind staying for a while and having a look at these 22 Wizards and Witches. Harry Potter and the Wicked Witch of the West don't have anything on this.

Implications - This collection of 22 Wizards and Witches will have you wondering when the next time you can dress up is. Witches and wizards certainly are having an influential effect on the current state of fashion. This phenomenal collection is just the right amount of spooky and it has made me realize that Witches and Wizards have some style.

From Witch Tattoos to Wizard Rap Duels: