From Spiced Wine Coolers to Tropical Spritzer Recipes

 - Jun 3, 2015
These tasty wine cocktails range from spiced wine coolers to tropical wine spritzers that are perfect for hot summer days. In addition to being enjoyed on its own, red, white and rose wine is also a go-to ingredient for budding and experienced mixologists.

This list highlights a myriad of tasty wine cocktails including those infused with spices, fresh flowers and exotic fruit blends. Fans of tropical beverages can try a pineapple and orange juice cocktail that is mixed with red sparkling wine and amaretto while those with more eclectic tastes can indulge in a drink that blends bourbon, sparkling wine and maple syrup.

Other standouts include boozy popsicle treats -- made with Riesling -- along with festive vino milkshakes that are inspired by the retro diner treat.