- Sep 26, 2009   Updated: Jun 9 2011
I grew up reading the book 'Where the Wild Things are' by Maurice Sendak, so the fact that Spike Jonze is making a movie of the book makes me and, I assume, other WTWTA readers very happy.

In honor of the upcoming movie and the classic book, here is a collection of 12 'Where the Wild Things are' creations, from monstrous movie posters to film featurettes.

Implications - One of the most effective ways companies can increase revenue is by making a direct appeal to two divergent target demographics. One of the best ways to do this is by reviving a dormant children's franchise from the past, which appeals to an older demographic that remembers it from their childhood, as well as children who are in the target demographic of the current product.

From Monstrous Street Art to Scary Skateboards: