From Soaking Hairtography to Sweaty Sultry Swimwear

 - Sep 16, 2012
Sultry, sensuous and sleek, wet-haired editorials are creating a splash in the fashion world. Particularly popular with sexy swimwear and sweaty athletic pictorials, the wet hair look can also be witnessed gracing the heads of models in fall and winter fashion photoshoots.

The easiest way to achieve a low-key and low-maintenance appearance, the limp locks require little styling. Comb oil through your tresses and sweep your hair back if you're going for a sleek and sophisticated look, or soak hair in water and let loose tendrils droop lazily around your face for a more carefree version.

There is little denying the sex appeal of naturally tousled and wildly wet hair, which is why wet-haired editorials are favored among designers and photographers alike.