From Health Conscious Eating Charts to Regional Obesity Trends

 - Jul 19, 2012
With the obesity rates of many countries consistently on the rise, it is probably a wise decision to investigate the fatty phenomenon with the help of weight-oriented infographics. Using these visual depictions, the cost of society's expanding waistlines, overindulgent eating habits and predictions of diminishing health are discussed.

These statistics quite succinctly put into perspective the effect that extra pounds have on individuals and society as a whole. Although, it seems the majority of society is conscious of healthy eating habits, there are still enough people tipping the scales with unhealthy eating habits and minimal physical activities.

Individuals can now see where the highest levels of obesity exist, how obesity has changed over time and the mess overindulgent attitudes have on brains, banks and most importantly, bellies. After perusing these weight-oriented infographics, individuals will surely think twice before partaking in the North American pattern of over-consumption.