This Infograph Charts the High Price of Obesity in the Workplace

 - Jun 1, 2012
References: columnfivemedia & keas
This infograph details even more reasons to stay healthy, specifically focusing on obesity in the workplace. Though not typically the focus of weight studies, this chart points out the financial burden obesity can cause, particularly for employers.

Full of stats regarding health costs in a multitude of realms, the chart, based on US findings, is a startling reminder of why moderation really is key. Keeping in mind the healthcare system that this chart grapples with, it's unsurprising that the cost for employers in regard to obesity-related health issues rises about $73.1 billion each year. Thankfully, the chart provides tips on how employers and employees can foster a healthier and more active environment in their workplace.

Shocking, but containing critical information, this chart is a must-see for employers and those with desk jobs.