From Floating Concept Cars to 200-MPG Concept Coupes

 - Sep 21, 2011
I can't help but be excited by the future of the automobile after seeing all of these vivacious Volkswagen concepts. Volkswagen has quietly become one of the biggest automakers on the planet, which means that there is a decent chance that one of these crazy concepts will become a reality sometime soon.

Volkswagen has a habit of pushing the boundaries with their designs. They created the original shaggin' wagon and the legendary bug, and recently introduced the Eos with its convertible glass roof. These vivacious Volkswagen concepts continue to push the boundaries of automotive designs. Designers have dreamed up everything from aquatic VWs to eco-friendly supercars. No matter what type of driver you are, you're bound to find at least one hatchback, van, sedan or supercar that strikes your fancy.