The Volkswagen BeachRescue Saves Swimmers' Lives

 - Jun 29, 2011
References: yankodesign
A trip to the beach can be fun and relaxing, but on rare occasions the vast and tumultuous coastline can be a dangerous place. The Volkswagen BeachRescue was designed as an efficient conveyance for lifeguards to seek out troubled swimmers without losing any precious time.

Employing a boat is a great way to get out to the end of a rip tide quickly, but if it's beached up the shore, getting to it and pushing out can be a difficult task. Designer Sebastian Toddenroth proposes a hybrid sand rover watercraft that can seamlessly transition from land to ocean with no time lost. Mecanum Power Rolls make up the heavy-duty wheels of the Volkswagen BeachRescue, which takes on omnidirectional propulsion once it's sitting on the water. You're as good as saved so long as your rescuer is near this amphibious ride.