From Scooterized Sneaks to Upcycled Scooter Furniture

 - Nov 24, 2013
Just to make it clear, you can't actually ride any of these versatile Vespa-inspired finds. Well, not in the way you would ride a normal Vespa, anyways. The items found here are all inspired by the iconic Italian scooter and include everything from a pizza cutter (the irony) to a pair of sneakers.

These versatile Vespa-inspired finds speak to the true status of the scooter. Not many scooters or automobiles are able to stay popular among both consumers and the public for decades on the end. Even fewer vehicles have inspired the creation of furniture and suitcases. The Vespa is as much a scooter as it is a symbol of Italy, yet these versatile Vespa-inspired finds aren't solely inspired by Europe's boot. If you're a fan of romantic Vespa rides through bustling European towns, then you're going to want to check out all of these versatile Vespa-inspired finds.