From Contemporary Avian Abodes to Translucent Seed Containers

 - Jun 7, 2012
While serious bird watchers prefer getting up close with their feathered friends, home owners may prefer these unorthodox birdhouses for enticing neighboring nestlings. These offbeat feeders add a bit of personality and allure to your backyard decor.

With all the different types of birds soaring about, there are a number of feeders specially designed to attract certain species. Smaller budgies prefer cozy sheltered homes, while bigger birds need more space to dive into dinner. The shapes and sizes of these avian abodes vary as much as the birds themselves. Everything from futuristic saucer cages to rooftop perching homes can be found. The bird watching enthusiast can get seriously attached to their feathered friends with the wearable birdhouse helmet.

Enjoy the chirping whispers of the morning swallows and robins with these unorthodox birdhouses.