Nido Birdhouses Bring Abstract Design to Fetching Fowl Dwellings

 - Aug 13, 2011
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While it's generous to offer our feathered friends additional shelters amidst their natural environment, one cannot expect them to have the same taste as humans. Nido Birdhouses by Alejandra Castelao stray from the pitched roof style of cubby house, opting for more geodesic forms that function like geometric nests.

"Nido" literally means "nest" in Spanish and this project hopes to embrace its endearing inhabitants in much the same way that their tree branch abodes do. The elimination of corners within the interior spaces requires fewer twigs and less mud material to fit out the inside. Nido Birdhouses cater to the practicality of our perched pals while providing unique contemporary sculptures for people to appreciate in their backyards.