The Wiggle Shovel Birdhouse is a Delightful Dual Addition to the Garden

 - May 11, 2011
References: janhabraken & craziestgadgets
In the garden, the job is never done, so if you're going to leave your spade stuck in the dirt, perhaps the Wiggle Shovel Birdhouse should be your digger of choice.

Studio Jan Habraken came up with this cute and clever design which fuses a functional landscaping tool with a minimalist-interpreted bird house. The pitched shelter is open on both sides, avoiding a top-heavy constitution and remaining accessible to your feathered friends.

The creator of this charming sculptural apparatus was inspired by the childhood search for worms in the garden and sifting through soil with a spade. The fetching concept behind the Wiggle Shovel Birdhouse is that the weight of landing fowl will cause some pressure to shake the instrument and lure an earthworm to the surface for a snack.

Photo Credits: Generate