The Songbird Rabbit Gradually Goes to Seed as Sparrows Pick Away

 - May 25, 2012
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The Songbird bird feeder is a bit of a joke at the expense of your feathered friends, setting them up to peck away the life-size form of a bunny rabbit. Joey Ruiter has designed this surprising deck object with molded birdseed and the rodent's skeleton of stainless steel as a lighthearted reorganization of the relationships of plant-eating critters.

Made without a hanger, the Songbird is designed to be set down on a flat surface, making it all the more likely to become prey to squirrels and other larger larger mammals. The resultant scenario is an interesting one, enabling you to witness the gradual devouring of the adorable long-eared animal by his bushy-tailed mate. Eventually, all that will remain of the Songbird is the spindly structure of the seedy Leporidae creature.