From Speckled Superstructures to Pretty Patterned Utensils

 - Jun 4, 2012
These unlikely polka-dot finds illustrate just how popular this whimsical print really is. From architecture to utensils, the possibilities for this understated design are unlimited.

Decidedly cute and typically seen in fashion, the polka dot is an undeniably likable design, reminiscent of happy times and lightheartedness. Often offering a cheery feel to wherever it's found, it's no surprise that designers love to integrate this pattern into whatever they can think of. The dots are sometimes used to illustrate pixelation, and offer a more dynamic look to wherever they may be featured. Because of their well-established place in fashion and their relatively straightforward design, the pattern keeps making comebacks no matter the decade.

Adorable, chic and uncomplicated, polka dots are popular for good reason, and these finds clearly illustrate why this is true.