- May 15, 2011
Innovation, progress and the future are synonymous with one another, so it comes as no surprise that the iconic film Tron would inspire some of its very own Tron innovations.

From mesmerizing motorcycle designs to transcendental timepieces, Tron's unique take on modernity has permeated every level of pop culture products and ideas. Perhaps the most prominent feature to be borrowed from the films is its memorable neon aesthetics. It seems everywhere you look, you'll be treated with that classic, eerie blue-and-orange glow. And no strangers themselves to inspiring others, the dynamic music pair of Daft Punk have also drawn ideas from Tron innovations. Tron's use of holograms and chrome are also popular aspirations for tech heads and gadget designers to achieve.

Twenty years from now, what Tron innovations will be common-day realities?

From Flair-Filled Fashion Pictorials to Creative Cellphone Concepts: