Inspired by The Social Network's Big Win at the Golden Globes

 - Jan 17, 2011   Updated: May 24 2011
With David Fincher's 'The Social Network' having big win at the Golden Globes, you can't help but notice the monster that Facebook has become.

Whether it's businesses' advertising themselves or users communicating with friends, people are always finding new ways to use Facebook. With that in mind, check out these related trends on 23 unique social media uses inspired by Facebook.

Implications - Social media has become extremely dominant in our lives. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace are often the go-to places on the Internet for users and companies alike. These forms of media have become the best place for businesses to market their products due to the number of people logging in worldwide. Through viral marketing, videos and flashy websites, branding has expanded from TV and billboards to the digital world where attracting millions of people worldwide has become a goal.