Sprint Firsts in the Next Gen of Online Communities

 - Sep 8, 2010
References: trendhunter
Social networks for entrepreneurs, bookworm dating and Facebook rivals. Today we hunt: SOCIAL MEDIA UPCOMERS - Sprint Firsts in the Next Gen of Online Media.

And now, the Sprint Top Ten.

10) Flipboard allows you to scan through the best of your social media at the touch of your iPad. It integrates both Facebook and Twitter to create your own custom social media magazine.

9) Headliner FM allows musicians to connect and support each other in the hopes of turning their online fans into real-life groupies.

7) Facebook may have a stronghold over the United States, but in some countries, like Brazil, sites like Orkut have the edge...

6) Togetherville is just as addictive as Farmville for young children. This supervised social networking site allows kids to stay in touch with loved ones and interact with people their own age online safely.

5) The Make the Difference Network serves as a liaison between your idle goodwill and charitable organizations looking to put it to good use. You can change someone's life just by clicking on the "Find Your Wish," button.

4) Sprouter is like Twitter, but it caters to entrepreneurs. Share, collaborate and lend or receive a helping hand by joining this revolutionary business social media site.

3) '1000Memories' is a virtual community that celebrates the lives of lost loved ones. Deceased family members or friends can have their own virtual memorial and resting place.

2) Don't get stressed when you have a paper due in 24 hours and your coffee is running low! Head on over to Cramster -- a site that hooks you up with an expert to answer your questions in any subject.

1) 'Alikewise' lets others embrace you inner bookworm. The site aims to play matchmaker based on the literature you love. Does the Harry Potter series count?

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