From Cowboy-Capped Bottles to Traditional Wood-Etching Labels

 - Jun 9, 2012
In spite of the liquor's infamous reputation, these tequila branding innovations are sleek, suave and sophisticated. Tequila is often to blame for a multitude of indiscretions. It is the drink of choice in college dorm rooms around the world, but despite its track record tequila is slowly becoming a premium product. With micro-brewed versions becoming more and more commonplace, it appears this wayward liquor is growing up.

Elaborate labels, usually reserved for fine wines are finding their way onto amber-hued tequila bottles. Housed in everything from sleek metallic flasks to minimalist glass bottles, these examples of tequila branding are decidedly more luxurious than your typical sombrero-adorned affair.

As people begin to appreciate the fine nuances of a well-made tequila, there is every indication that packaging for these premium spirits will become increasingly opulent.