From Miniature Superhero Cakes to Heroic Handheld Desserts

 - Jul 5, 2013
If you're looking for a fun way to pay tribute to your favorite action or comic hero, then these scrumptious superhero desserts will definitely be an entertaining and delicious way to spend an afternoon.

With the amount of comic books being converted into cinematic features, classic superhero characters are gaining worldwide popularity on the big screen. And what better way to showcase your admiration for these crime-fighting superheros than by putting their faces on some delectable sugary treats? From birthday cakes modeled to look like a miniature LEGO Batman to cake pops with all the characters from the Avengers on it, these fun superhero desserts will certainly attract diehard comic fans looking to take a bite out of their favorite characters.

A fantastic way to infuse some geeky references into your baking, these superhero desserts would be fun for any birthday party or casual get together.