From Cupidly Colored Kicks to Military High Tops

 - Mar 30, 2011
My desire for a pair of high-top sneakers has grown exponentially after compiling this list comprised solely of superb sets of SUPRAs. SUPRA is known for crafting skateboarding shoes that are both tough and stylish.

SUPRA dabbles in the low-top shoe game, but where they really shine is with their outrageous high tops. Most high tops aren't anywhere near as bold and daring as SUPRA's, which often feature massive tongues, tons of straps and eye-popping colors. These shoes can easily hold their own at the skatepark and in the club--something that can't be said about most skating shoes. Whether you're a hardcore skater or a fashionable poser, you are definitely going to want to check these superb sets of SUPRAs out.