From Weapon-Inspired Jewels to Hardcore Biker Bags

 - Aug 7, 2010   Updated: Apr 14 2011
Normally, when people think of spikes and studs, the image of pain immediately comes to mind. However, these sharp accessories can often be more stylish than harmful. This super-gallery of extremely studded innovations features these items in all their glory.

From studded beachwear to spiked police caps, these pain-inducing gems are looking more badass than frightful.

Implications - Studs in the fashion world no longer resemble goth so much as they do badass. The "don't-mess -with-me" look can be found on everything from chairs to tables, but it is especially prevalent in the world of fashion. If an advertiser wants to sell an item that has rebel appeal, studs are definitely the way to go.