- Dec 18, 2018
The effect of the digital revolution on everyday life is apparent through the emersion of streaming channels. Services are becoming more tailored to specific audiences, adding a sense of personalization into the mix -- from Tankee's kid-friendly streaming service to the Tencent x Silver.tv's eSports channel. Moreover, traditional broadcasting names like ESPN+ are pivoting to digital with original content available on apps for iOS, Apple TV, Android, Amazon devices and web browsers.

Convenience and cost-effective attitude are not where streaming channels draw the line, however. In a world where interactive storytelling is beginning to thrive, companies like Netflix are experimenting with the inherent immersive potential. In the New Year, for example, Netflix will explore the category of choose-your-own-adventure TV programming with a special episode of Black Mirror.

From Streaming Service Assistants to Hybrid Streaming Packages: