- Jul 5, 2013
With the lastest release of 'Star Trek Into Darkness' in theatres, there's no better time to start paying tribute to this Sci-Fi franchise, and these Star Trek clothing designs are some fantastic examples of how you can incorporate this popular saga into your wardrobe.

While dressing up like your favorite Sci-Fi character is often reserved for comic book conventions or Halloween, there's no stopping any diehard fan from strutting down the street wearing these iconic Star Trek uniforms. A fantastic way to show your admiration and love for this much beloved intergalactic series, these Star Trek clothing designs will definitely have any Trekkie bursting with pride.

From Trekkie-hand hipster hoodies to miniature Starfleet uniforms for infants, these Star Trek clothing designs would be a great addiction to any Sci-Fi fan's wardrobe.

From DIY Sci-Fi Show Uniforms to Trekkie Couture: