From Adorable Spring DIY Ideas to Deep Fried Chips

 - Mar 18, 2013
With winter coming to end in less than one week, spring DIY ideas are flooding food, fashion and decor blogs on the web. This is also recognized in today's top trends with DIY Rope-Made Bracelets and DIY Video Game Eggs making the list. The DIY Video Game Eggs are especially interesting as they would make an amazingly perfect activity to do at Easter. The tutorial teaches viewers how to decorate eggs to look like their favorite characters from Mario Bros.

Another noteworthy article featured in today's top 20 is the Pocket Napkin Purses. These purses, designed by Tomohiro Ikegaya, are used for storing tissues on the go and integrate a piece of tissue directly into the bag's design. Each tissue completes the peak of a snow-covered mountain, making for a very literal and cute design.

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