Pose Temps Wall Calendars Can be Used Continuously

 - Mar 17, 2013
References: papiertigre.fr
Lavishly patterned with intricate geometrical designs and eye-pleasing colorful prints, the Pose Temps Wall Calendars from Papier Tigre make for gorgeously vivacious wall decorations.

Not only for ornamental purposes, these 12 different vinyl-like wall mounts work together as a perpetual calendar, with room for jotting notes and task-reminders for each day of the year. Writing only adds to the decorative design, and once the entire calendar is full, it can be wiped clean for a completely fresh start. Each month is its own component so users can organize the calendar in any way that they wish, allowing for a modular design that gives a clear view of the entire year.

Pose Temps Wall Calendars are for those who hate tacky timekeepers and want something attractive that can practically last forever.