From Taratula Sweaters to Cobweb Shirts

 - Jan 7, 2010   Updated: Jun 20 2011
Thoughts of arachnids probably make you scream "eww" more than "ooh" but this cluster of spider-inspired fashions might have you re-thinking your reaction. From clothing that looks like it was inspired by cobwebs to sweaters that look like they could have been peeled off the back of a monster-sized tarantula, these spider-inspired fashions take inspiration from one of the most shriek-inducing creatures on our planet.

Implications - Fashion designers who use everyday, identifiable objects as inspiration for their collections attract significant consumer interest, as familiarity is an impactful driving force behind consumption. Designers may do this in texture, cuts and color, but whatever the medium, fashions that are unconventional are striking and exciting to consumers looking for something original.