- Jan 26, 2013
The Spice Girls were a major 90s phenomenon and the notorious Spice World film anniversary took place recently. The anniversary marked 15 years since its release. This realization really puts time into perspective.

The Spice Girls may not be releasing a new album or touring together anytime soon, but their memory and music will last forever. You can still buy their albums off iTunes and the ladies have branched out into a foray of other businesses. These bright young women uplifted the spirits of teenage boys and girls everywhere. The songs were lighthearted and celebrated girl power, their looks were unconventional and celebrated individuality and their impact on the industry is unmatched.

Spice mania is a relevant passage in time and the Spice World film anniversary helps one to remember, reflect and spice up their life.

In Honor of the Spice World Film Anniversary: