The Scrunchie by Catherine Losing is Nostalgic

The Scrunchie by Catherine Losing showcases the notable 90s fashion faux pas and go-to hair accessory, the scrunchie. This haircare fashion crime is seen throughout Losing's most recent collaboration with set designer Katie Fotis. This collection of still life shoots shows the offensive accessory decoratively dressing up various fruits, vegetables and baked goods.

This project was spawned from nostalgic conversations that Catherine Losing and Katie Fotis frequently partook in about living through the 1990s. The artistic duo decided that the best way to honor the era of The Spice Girls, John Hughes, John Stamos in Full House, Baywatch and the Scrunchie should be through photographic still life depictions.

Keep those fingers crossed and hope for the sake of everyone that this collection of photographs isn't preceded by the comeback of the infamous 90s hair tie.